• This little cup could be the last thing you buy your period for the next 10 years.


What is a period cup?

A period cup is a reusable alternative to pads and tampons. It is a bell-shaped silicone cup used to collect flow instead of absorbing it. 

How do I use it?

The cup is folded and inserted low into the vagina. Once successfully inserted, the cup will spring open from its fold and create an airtight seal. 

Is it safe to use?

Using a cup is just as safe as using a tampon. Read the instruction leaflet before using it for the first time and always handle your cup with clean hands. 

Buy One Donate One

When you buy a yoni cup, you actually buy two. The second one is given to someone with limited access to period care products.


Your life, uninterrupted.

It's better for you, and mumma earth.

Less plastic waste, less toxins in your body. Win-Win. Our cups are made from 100 per cent medical grade silicone, perfectly safe to wear for extened periods (pun intented) of time.

It saves you money, like a lot of money.

No point beating around the bush, a yoni cup is more expensive than its disposable alternatives. But don't forget, one yoni cup equals ten years of use. We are going to let you do the math.

Sleep, swim or run a marathon.

People often report back saying that they usually forget they are on their period. Stop running to the bathroom every two hours and get used to eight hours of uninterrupted wear, for ten years.

I started using my cup last night and first day at work today. Omg why didn’t I make the change sooner! It’s so comfortable and I’m not worried about leaks at work! Did a workout this morning too and wasn’t worried about it at all. Absolute game changer!


The silicone is really soft and flexible and it is super easy to fold and insert. I’ve been using my yoni cup for three months now, and each time I pretty much forget I’m on my period entirely. It’s super comfortable and I feel like I’m really helping reduce waste, I can’t believe how many tampons/pads I have gone through in my life, and now I’m literally never going back. 


Today my period surprised me. Being in isolation there was panic in my mind, I’d have to go to shop to get tampons. Then I remembered. I didn’t need to leave the house! My yoni cup was here, ready for me! Thank you yoni, you’re bloody AMAZING!


But, what size am I?

Here are some general things you can keep in mind when trying to decide what size to choose.

Your flow.

You might want to consider how heavy your flow is. 

When you do this keep in mind that tampon and pads with 'normal' capacity holds approximately 5ml of fluid before they max out.

The small yoni cup holds 25ml of fluid.
The regular yoni cup holds 35ml of fluid.

And the average amount of blood lost during a period is 35ml. 

Your cervix height and position.

Before you purchase your first cup, make sure you check the position and height of your cervix.

Firstly, wash hands thoroughly and find a comfortable position. Secondly, gently insert a finger into your vagina. For reference, you are trying to find something that feels like the tip of your nose. Your cervix is firmer than your vaginal walls so you will know it when you find it.

Once you've found your cervix use the knuckle rule to decide height. If you can reach your cervix by the first knuckle you have a low cervix. If you reach your cervix by the second knuckle you have a medium cervix if you reach your cervix by the third knuckle (or can't reach it at all) you have a high cervix.

Your age, family and physical activity.

This all has an impact on how strong your your pelvic floor muscles are.

Generally, once you've turned 35 or once you've had a baby, your pelvic floor muscles become more relaxed.

If you are a teen, or very physically active you are likely to have stronger pelvic floor muscles.

Have another question, or two?

No problem, we are here to help. Send us an email at hello@theyonicup.com or join our online community and get the best support you can get your hands on from our fellow cuppers.

In Sanskrit, yoni refers to the divine passage, or the source of life. It refers to both the physical and the spiritual worlds, a temple where the divine female essence is honoured. It represents the power of a woman to conceive and give birth, a sacred space in which the mother and child are united, a place where new life takes shape. The yoni is both magical and erotic, it is a place of wisdom, creation and healing.