How to use a period cup

How to use a period cup

Yay! You're probably here because you're interested in swapping to a YONI cup. This short article will break down how to use a menstrual cup in a few simple steps.

Before using it for the first time

Before using your YONI cup for the first time, you need to sterilise it. You do this by popping it into a pot of boiling water and let it bop around in there for about 4-5 minutes. But be sure to watch it. You don't want it to lie on the bottom for too long - that could damage the silicone.

Inserting your cup

Besides washing your hands properly before (we should all know how to do this by now, am I right?), you also need to relaaax.. No, but seriously, relax. Your pelvic floor muscles are much stronger than you think, and a tight mind means a tight vag. You don't want that.

How you stand, sit or squat while inserting your cup is up to you. You could try standing with one leg on the toilet, sit on the toilet or squat down in the shower (this is our favourite). You could also swing into a handstand, but now you're just showing off. Point being, you choose what works for you. There is no right or wrong.

Once you're comfortable, pick a fold and gently push the cup rim first into your vagina, like a tampon. Remember that your vaginal canal is pointing towards your spine (not your head), so angling your cup this way will help.

Once the cup is in, grab ahold of the little toggle and wiggle it around a little. What you're trying to do here is to help the cup to spring open and create that airtight seal. When in position, the cup should sit lower than a tampon, almost at the entrance of your vagina.

Now you're ready to go about with your day and not think about your period for the next 8 hours. Sleep, swim, punch that nine to five, go on a big-ass hike, run a marathon, skydive ... Anything but sex, really. Completely safe, super comfortable and odour free. Pretty awesome, eh?

Removing your YONI cup

Again, wash your hands and take a couple of deep breaths. 

Find your position. Hint hint - the shower is a big hit again here.

Locate the stem of the cup and gently pull it into position. Insert a finger into your vagina and slide it alongside the cup. Pinch or push on the cup to break the seal and release the suction, then gently wiggle out. Don't try to pull out the cup using the stem, this will create suction on your cervix and potentially dislocate a IUD if you rock one of those. Ouch. No, no. A seal breaker is a deal-breaker.

Now, keep the cup upright and empty its contents into the toilet or drain (if in the shower). Be sure to take note of the amount of flow, colour and clots. Knowing your flow is a great way of getting to know your body. If something changes dramatically, it might be time to ring your gyno just to let them know. For example, if you start bleeding more and seeing big clots (and we mean BIG), that could be an indicator of fibroids.

Now just rinse, or wipe out the cup and re-insert.

Once removed on the last day of your flow, repeat the sterilisation boil and store in the cotton pouch somewhere dry, like your underwear drawer, until your next period.

Don't be disappointed if your cup leaks on the first couple of tries. It's normal for it to take a while to get the hang of it. If you're worried about leaks, you could get some liners (or light period undies) while practising for extra peace of mind.

Have more questions? Ping us at or in the chat - we love to talk periods, no TMI here.