Period cup FAQ's

Period cup FAQ's

The YONI Cup is a reusable period cup made of soft silicone that is worn internally like a tampon, that collects - rather than absorbs - your menstrual flow. Naturally odourless, biocompatible, and chemical-free, the YONI Cup is a healthy and sustainable alternative to pads and tampons. Because it has 3 to 4 times the capacity of a 'normal' capacity tampon, you can wear it for up to 8 hours before emptying. Once inserted, the YONI Cup's flexible design moulds to your internal shape so you can comfortably wear it to yoga class, on a big hike, swimming on your holiday, or just relaxing on the couch.

What is the YONI Cup made of?

The YONI Cup is made of super-soft, medical-grade silicone. Perfectly safe for your magical bits.

How long will my YONI Cup last?

The YONI Cup is made of durable silicone that can last up to 10 years with proper care. If your cup is ripped or torn, or the silicone is showing visible signs of wear or deterioration, it’s time to replace it.

How much fluid will my YONI Cup hold?

The small size YONI Cup holds 25ml of fluid, five times the amount of a regular tampon. The regular size hold 35ml which is seven times the amount of a regular tampon. To compare, super tampons max out at 18ml of fluid.

What size should I get?

There are several factors that play a role in choosing a size. Some menstruators use the small YONI Cup for lighter days and the regular size for heavier days. The small YONI Cup might also be best fit for those with a lower cervix, and the regular cup for those with a higher cervix.

Read this for a more detailed guide on how to choose the right size.

How long can I wear it for?

Your YONI Cup can be worn for up to 8 hours before emptying. We recommend emptying it morning and night. Of course, you know your body best. On days that you have a heavier flow, you might find you need to remove and empty more frequently.

Is it messy?

Using a YONI Cup is no messier than its disposable alternatives. Since the YONI Cup collects the fluid inside of it and is rarely ever full, there isn’t usually much on the outside of the cup when you remove it. By removing it carefully and holding it upright, the chances of the blood being spilt are very low. You will see the collected fluid, however, it's usually much less mess than you might expect.

How do I clean my YONI cup?

After your cycle, rinse your YONI cup in cold water to help avoid discolouration and odour. Then wash thoroughly using hot water and mild oil-free soap. Avoid strong cleaners or anything that may irritate your skin. Use a soft rag to wipe away any buildup. Clear the four holes at the top of your YONI cup by passing water through the holes. You can choose to disinfect your YONI cup between cycles by placing it in a pot of boiling water for 5 - 7 min. Just make sure it doesn’t touch the bottom of the pot. Store your cup in the breathable fabric pouch. 

How do I prevent discolouration?

To prevent discolouration, always rinse your YONI cup first with cold water after emptying. Though silicone can become discoloured over time, your YONI cup is still good to use.

How do I clean my cup in a public bathroom?

If it’s inconvenient to get to the sink in a public bathroom, simply wipe your cup with toilet paper or a wet wipe and reinsert it. If you prefer to rinse your YONI cup, you might consider carrying a small water bottle or squirt bottle in your bag to use on-the-go. Remember is to always handle your cup with clean hands. Later, you can choose to wash your cup more thoroughly.

How many cups do I need?

Technically, you only need one cup. However, some choose to purchase a second one as a spare. You may like to have a second YONI cup if you will be somewhere where you cannot access clean water at the time it needs changing (if you are hiking or camping somewhere remote). You can place the used cup in the storage bag for washing when you are home, and use the second cup knowing it is clean and ready to use.

How does it stay in?

The YONI cup fits comfortably inside your vaginal canal and stays in place when a suction seal is formed between the outside of the yoni cup and the walls of your vagina. When inserted properly, it will rest naturally and you won't notice it’s there. And while it’s very unusual for the cup to fill up, don’t worry, if it does, it won’t overflow or fall out.

Can I use a lubricant to insert?

We recommend using water as a natural lubricant, however, if you still feel the need to use a lubricant to aid insertion, be sure to use a product that is safe for vaginal use. Only apply a small amount to the rim of the cup. If you use too much, it will make your cup SUPER slippery and sometimes even more difficult to hold on to.

How do I know if its in right?

When positioned correctly, it should fit comfortably, and be leak and sensation free. For some people with strong pelvic muscles or a high cervix, the cup may naturally find its way higher in the vaginal canal during use. This isn’t a problem, so long as it doesn’t cause leaking or discomfort, which can come from positioning the cup too high, creating pressure on your cervix. It may also take a little more effort to remove. If you are leaking or sensing discomfort, try removing and reinserting it lower. If you have consistent problems, you may need to try a different size or try reinserting your cup using a different fold or angle (towards your tailbone, not straight upward).

Can I put it in before my period has started?

Can I get 'YASS QUEEN'! The YONI Cup doesn’t absorb fluids and is therefore perfectly safe to put in if you think your period could show up.

Does it leak?

No, your YONI Cup shouldn't leak, but before you've gotten a hang of it - it can. Leaking while using a menstrual cup is usually due to the following reasons:

  • An incorrect seal. Try reinserting with another folder, ensuring the cup opens completely.
  • The wrong size. If your cup is too small or too big, it will not seal correctly around the vaginal wall.
  • Positioned too high. Spotting may occur if the cup is positioned too high or close to the cervix. Try reinserting again, making sure the cup sits just inside the vaginal opening.

I’ve got a heavy flow, can I still use it?

The YONI Cup holds way more fluid than even the highest absorbency tampons. While you get used to your menstrual cup and how often you need to empty it, try wearing a panty liner, just in case. If you have a particularly heavy flow, you may need to empty your cup twice times on your heaviest days. But that’s about it.

I have a very active lifestyle, can I use a YONI Cup?

Yay. We are huge advocates of an active lifestyle! Because the YONI Cup was designed to fit snugly inside your vaginal canal, you can maintain the same level of activity that you do when you’re not menstruating. Go ahead and swim, dance and welcome to a world without bulky pads or dangling strings. Woohoo!

Can I swim with my YONI Cup?

Absolutely! Actually, please do. As we all know, tampons absorb fluids, which includes bacteria and chemicals while swimming. This little scenario is creating a perfect environment for microbial growth, increasing the risk of infection and TSS. The YONI Cup forms a tight seal that creates a barrier between you and the water and still prevents you from leaking. So if you want to avoid soggy tampons and harmful chemicals, you’ll love the YONI Cup.

Can I wear it during sex?

Unfortunately, no. The cup is great in so many ways but you’ll need to remove it before sex.

Can I wear my cup with an IUD?

We recommend talking with your medical professional before use. Some YONI Cup users find that it is more comfortable if the strings on their IUD are trimmed shorter prior to using their cup.

Can I get TSS from a menstrual cup?

The short answer is that getting TSS from a menstrual cup is possible, but highly unlikely. A fibrous and saturated tampon left inside the vagina can create a breeding ground for bacteria, which can then enter the bloodstream via micro-tearing that occurs with continual insertion and removal (especially with dry tampons). Because your cup collects, rather than absorbs, blood flow without leaving fibrous or chemical residue, using a yoni cup poses far less risk. To minimise your risk, always wash your hands before and after handling your YONI Cup, clean your cup thoroughly between periods. And please, consult your doctor before using a YONI Cup if you’ve previously been diagnosed with TSS.

What if I have a high, low or tilted cervix?

You can comfortably use the YONI Cup with a high, low, or tilted/retroverted cervix. The location of the cervix may change naturally throughout your cycle. If your cervix is higher, your cup may find its way higher in the vaginal canal during use. This isn’t a problem, so long as it doesn’t cause leaking or discomfort, which can come from positioning the cup too high, creating pressure against the cervix. It may also take a little more effort to remove. For those with a low cervix, the size small YONI cup may be your most comfortable option. If your cervix is tilted, be sure to take some time to find which angle will suit you best when your YONI Cup is inserted.

I have prolapse, can I still us a YONI Cup?

Some can use a YONI Cup, other can’t, some find it uncomfortable. We recommend you speak with your medical practitioner to determine if a yoni cup will be suitable for your particular situation.

What do I do if I can’t get it out?

First of all, no reason to panic. Your vagina is literally a one-way exit, it is impossible for your cup to disappear. If you've slept with it it may have travelled higher than normal. Have some breakfast, take a shower, walk the dog and let gravity do its job. To lower the cup, squat down and use your pelvic muscles to bear down, moving your cup lower down your vaginal canal (basically give birth to your cup baby). Squatting helps to shorten the vaginal canal, naturally bringing the cup down. Once in reach, grasp the lower base of the cup, pinch, wiggle and gently pull it out. 

I’m spotting with my cup is that normal?

Wipe or rinse your labia after insertion to prevent spotting. Spotting can also be caused by blood left in the vagina after inserting. After inserting your YONI Cup, swirl your finger around the cup to remove any excess blood, then wash your hands. We recommend using a liner your YONI Cup while you are learning to use it.