Period cup size guide

Period cup size guide

Most people comfortable use both sizes, but sometimes one may be a better fit than the other. 

  • The small YONI is suitable for those under thirty or those with a light flow. 
  • The regular YONI is suitable for people over thirty or those with a heavier flow.

Some other things that you could consider when choosing a size are:

  • Lifestyle: If you're living an active lifestyle or are a kegel gold medalist, consider using the small YONI.
  • Pregnancy: If you've had a baby, a regular-sized cup could be a better fit.
  • Cervix height: If you have a low sitting cervix, you might prefer the small size.

How do I measure the height of my cervix?

Your cervix moves up and down throughout your cycle — so don't stress too much about the exact position. What you want is an idea.⁠

The method we recommend for this is called 'The Finger Knuckle Method'. Graceful, right?

Firstly, wash your hands and find a comfortable position. Then, gently insert your index finger into your vagina. You are looking for something that feels like the tip of your nose (go ahead, try it - we know you want to). Your cervix is firmer than your vaginal walls, so you will know it when you find it.⁠

If you can reach your cervix by the first knuckle, you have a low cervix. If you reach your cervix by the second knuckle, you have a medium cervix. And finally, if you reach your cervix by the third knuckle (or can't reach it at all), you have a high cervix.⁠

Generally, people with a low/medium cervix prefer a smaller sized cup, while people with a medium/high cervix prefer a slightly larger sized cup.