Four reasons why you should swap to a menstrual cup today

Four reasons why you should swap to a menstrual cup today

It's bloody convenient

With the right care, your cup will last you 10 years. Which means that you will never run out of pads and tampons ever again. A cup can also hold three times what a tampon or pad can keep. You can wear it for up to 8 hours which make cups especially good for people with a heavy flow or for particularly long and busy days.

It's better for the environment

Think about the amount of waste you spare if you stop buying disposable products. Buying tampons and pads means tons of plastic packaging, wrapping and even plastic fibres in the absorbent part. Switching to a menstrual cup saves the environment up to approximately 12,000 tampons per menstruator.

It will save you money

We know, a cup is an investment, but it will last you for years which means lots of money saved on buying disposable products.

It's kinder to your body

The YONI Cup is made of 100% highest quality, medical-grade silicone perfectly safe to use for long periods (pun intended) of time. Free from toxins, perfumes and bleaches and leaves no fibre residues in your vagina. This drastically decreases the risk of getting bacterial or yeast infections and rashes.