Our Commitment

Did you know that cultural beliefs and the lack of access to period care is causing young menstruators in developing nations to miss approximately 20 per cent of their education yearly?

In rural parts of Nepal you are banished from the home and forced to live in animal sheds during your period. In some parts of Africa, pads are so expensive that selling sex is a common way to afford it. In many rural parts of the world, menstruators are limited to old rags, sawdust, leaves, and anything else they can find to effectively absorb their flow leading to serious health implication. 

Social norms and rituals, invented hundreds of years ago dominate menstrual education in these countries. Leading to an alarming number of menstruators suffering, even dying as a result of it.

Together with you - and our period partners Share the Dignity Australia and The Period Society - we fight period poverty, stigma, and shame globally. For every cup sold, one is donated to someone with limited access to menstrual products - providing them with a safe and long term solution of managing their flow. 

As a brand, we work tirelessly to change the language being used. Periods are not disgusting and do not need to be hidden. The uterus is a miracle organ, a portal between worlds - able to create life and as menstruators, we hold space and bleed for it. We believe that if anything, the uterus and its functions should be worshipped - as if humanity depended on it.