Our commitment

Our commitment

“a symbol of divine procreative energy, conventionally represented by a circular stone”

The yoni doesn't just harness the power to create life; it’s a microcosm of our universe. It’s vast, expansive, and, above all, it’s a sacred portal between worlds. How have we come to know it as anything but?

YONI began as an idea in Sweden and a reality in Australia, after a realisation that menstrual cups hadn’t quite hit the Australian market like they could’ve. What quickly followed became so much more than just menstrual cups, but a purpose in providing people with an eco-conscious, long-term solution while also working towards ending the stigma and shame toward sexuality and reproductive health.   

As a brand, we work tirelessly to both reform the dialogue about periods we’ve come to know, and create a new conversation about the state of socio-cultural norms that are contributing to period poverty and miseducation worldwide. In rural Nepal, menstruation huts (or "chhau" huts) detain menstruators during their periods, considered to be “unclean” and carriers of bad luck. Most sleep beside animals, endure extreme weather conditions, and sexual violence. Some have lost their lives. 

Other cultural norms and traditions have found some limited to rags, sawdust, leaves, or anything else they can find to absorb their flow. In some parts of Africa, pads are so expensive that selling sex is a common way to afford them. 

How can we begin to rectify this?

Together with you - and our period partner The Period Society - we fight period poverty, stigma, and shame globally. For every cup sold, one is donated to someone with limited access to menstrual products - providing them with a safe and long term solution to managing their flow. 

Will you fight with us? 

We’re always on the lookout for other individuals and organisations that share our values at YONI. If you’d like to get in touch, or partner up, you can email hello@theyonicup.com. We’d love to hear from you.