We understand that you might be a little nervous swapping to a period cup. But don't worry. Did you know that 9 out of 10 women has said that they could never swap back to disposables after trying a period cup ..? We think that says it all about this little wonder-dome.

Anyways, to help answer some of your questions we have pulled together a FAQ for you to scroll through.

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What is the yoni cup?
What is the yoni cup made of?
How long will my yoni cup last?
How much fluid can my Yoni Cup hold?
What size should I get?

Cleaning and Care

How long can I wear my cup before emptying it?
Is it messy?
How do I clean my cup during my cycle?
How do I sanitise my cup after my cycle?
How do I prevent my cup from being discoloured or stained?
How do I clean my cup in a public bathroom?
How many cups do I need?

Insert, Position and Usage

How does it stay in?
Can I use lubricant to insert my cup?
How do I know if I put it in right?
Can I put the cup in before my period has started?
Does it leak?
Umm, I've got quite a heavy flow, can I still use a Yoni Cup?


I have a very active lifestyle. Will the cup leak or fall out?
Can I swim while wearing my Yoni Cup?
Can I wear my Yoni Cup during sex?

Health Concerns

Can I wear my Yoni Cup with an IUD or contraceptive ring?
Can I get Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) from using a menstrual cup?
What if I have a high, low or tilted cervix?
I have a prolapse, can I still use a menstrual cup?


OMG, help. I can't get it out.
No leaks. No discomfort.
Prevent spotting.